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    General Features
    Warm Keeping No
    Eco Fan Heating No
    Pizza cooking No
    Low Temperature Cooking No
    Slow Cooking No
    Main Cavity - Pyrolytic Self Cleaning System No
    Color of Product Silver
    Main Cavity - Steam Assisted Cooking No
    Divide and Cook No
    Number of Cavity 1
    Main Cavity - Usable Volume (lt)- 60
    Main Cavity Inner Profile Type I shaped Roll Forming
    Steam Cooking No
    Steam Cooking and Fan No
    3D Cooking No
    Product Cavity Type Single
    Main Cavity Catalytic Side Walls No
    Cooling Fan No
    Main Cavity - Usable Volume (lt) 60
    Oven Control Panel Type Metal Panel
    Display / Timer Mechanical Ringer Timer - without Cut-off
    Steam Cleaning No
    Illuminated Knob No
    Main Cavity - Door Opening Type Drop down
    Main Cavity - Front Door Design Full Glass
    Main Cavity - Cool Door No
    Main Cavity - No. of Front Door Glasses 2
    Main Cavity - Inner Door Type Full Glass (Removable)
    Soft Close No
    Main Cavity - Nano Coating on Inner Glass No
    Main Cavity - Odour Filter with Catalysor No
    Main Cavity - Oven Type Gas Cooking
    Oven Control Type Mechanical Control - Single Knob
    Main Cavity - Surf No
    Steam Assisted Cooking No
    Main Cavity – 3D Cooking No
    Main Cavity - Booster No
    Main Cavity - Defrost No
    Main Cavity - Grill Type Gas Grill
    Pyrolytic Self Cleaning No
    Main Cavity - Side Racks No
    Main Cavity - Telescopic Pull-out Shelf System No
    Main Cavity - Interior Light 1 x Round light (Rear)
    Main Cavity - Inner Light With Door Opening No
    Main Cavity Door Lock No
    Main Cavity - Turnspit Yes
    Meat Probe No
    Defrost function for Oven No
    Electric Grill No
    USB for Recipe/Photo Uploading No
    Oven Light with Defrost No
    Hob Configuration 4 Gas
    Ignition Type (Hob) Push Button Ignition
    Gas Safety Device (Hob) No
    Bottom Compartment Type Flap
    Glass Top Lid Type Glass
    Conventional Cooking No
    Bottom Heating No
    # of standard tray 1
    # of standard wire rack 1
    Microwave No
    Microwave and Fan Heating No
    Microwave and Grill No
    Main Cavity Catalytic Back Wall No
    Interior Light No
    Main Cavity - Front Door Color Black
    Fast Pre-heating with Booster No
    Main Cavity - Microwave Assisted Cooking No
    Main Cavity - Low-Fat Fryer No
    Main Cavity - Bread-Maker No
    Push-in Pop-out Knob No
    Microwave, Grill with Fan No
    Top Heating Element No
    Fan Assisted Cooking No
    Fan Heating No
    Low Grill with Fan No
    Grill with Fan No
    Bottom Heating with Fan No
    Top Heating with Fan No
    Bottom Heating, Low Grill with Fan No
    Low Grill No
    Eco Pyro No
    Product Documents